It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas: Festive Window Displays

By Vicky Li  We have all had that moment where we walk past a shop, and seen something in the windows that really gets our attention. Whether it’s the latest pair of shoes or the way a mannequin is dressed. Window displays should be a teaser trailer for a shop and should answer the questions … Continue reading

Are stationary brands more than a pen and notepad?

By Vicky Li. When the term fashion accessories is used what springs to mind? Jewellery? Belts? Handbags? Wallets? All of the above I’m sure and more. But did you think about notepads, card holders and pens? In recent years, luxury stationary brands such as Montblanc are crossing over into fashion accessories. The German manufacturer known … Continue reading

How do you like your coffee? Coffee culture is providing more than just a cup of coffee

By Vicky Li  How many times have you said to yourself, “I need a coffee”. Every morning perhaps? Or even just one of those days, where you feel somehow a coffee will help to make your day more smoothly and ready to take on the world. These days, having a cup of coffee on your … Continue reading

For the First Time: A Year in Hong Kong Property and what I learnt Moving Away.

By Vicky Li.  21st August 2013. Exactly a year ago, I took a once in a lifetime opportunity and that leap of faith to go  live and work in Hong Kong. Not only has it put into practice what I learnt during my university degree in Real Estate. But it also tested me mentally and … Continue reading

Slick, Sleek, Simple: Apple’s statement store design becomes patented

By Vicky Li.  The fruit-shaped brand that is Apple, its well-known logo all over the world has loyal customers eagerly shopping within it’s glass and white furnishings. Its flat tables decked out with Apple products waiting for customers to try out, and entice them into leaving the shop with an Apple product. I like to … Continue reading

Simple and Subtle: Paris as a Super City in Real Estate

By Vicky Li  The beautiful city of Paris is one of those cities that speak for itself. There’s something about Paris that makes it irresistibly charming. Also known as The City of Light, the beginning of the 1860s saw boulevards and streets of Paris illuminated by fifty six thousand gas lamps including the Arc de … Continue reading

The Gherkin, The Cheesegrater, Can of Ham…London has a picnic on the skyline. What’s next?

By Vicky Li  When creating the names for new developments, London likes to exercise their creative juices. Since 2003, we welcomed the famous “Gherkin” (which in fact is called 30 St. Mary Axe, did you know that?) As well as London’s megastar as of 2013- The Shard and from then on, London’s been on a … Continue reading

World’s iconic buildings

By Vicky Li  How do you decide if a building is iconic or not? Most of the time, we judge buildings on the design which reflect the era and culture in which they were built. We travel far and wide in search for famous buildings that we’re attracted to. Buildings are timeless pieces, similar to … Continue reading

The hidden message behind airport developments: Bringing real estate and people together

By Vicky Li  When was the last time you were at the airport? Were you about to embark on a relaxing holiday, or seeking a new exhilarating life adventure? Or were you waiting at the arrivals gate ready to pick up a loved one or were you at the other end saying goodbye at the … Continue reading

The Sky’s the Limit: cycling to the sky with ‘SkyCycle’ in London

By Vicky Li.  The fascination of bikes is an interesting topic, it’s one of those that you either love them or hate them. Whilst some people see it as an Olympic sport, others see it as part of their lifestyle cycling as a way of travelling, and there are those that absolutely hate nothing more … Continue reading